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    what shall we pay attentiong to during buying brushes online?


    Brush has covered all walks of life. As the development of the times, e-commerce has become the mainstream can not contain, brush industry is also closely follow the pace of the times appear on the Internet. But the brush, brush roller and other products have their particularity, so the purchase of brush on the Internet to pay attention to the following points:

    1.we all know the safety of online shopping
    First of all to determine the credibility of the company which is the key to all the problems because the relationship between the vital interests of customers we do not want to meet the liar

    2. the brush model to determine
    Brush is based on the user's machine model, where the brush model is not good fixed mass production, are based on the user's purpose to determine the specifications of the brush or the customer's drawings according to the production.
    Brush the material according to the needs of customers can choose, but some new products or to experiment, to the customer mail a variety of samples to be settled down.
    Brush prices are not sure, based on the above two reasons, the same product as the product model of different technology, different materials, the price of the upper and lower limits, not like Taobao products, took a fancy to shoot, buy O
    So the industry to buy industrial brush products, to be careful, choose a professional manufacturer, the product through the drawings and manufacturers to contact, and then signed a contract.

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